Wilmington's Best House Cleaning & Maid Service

Ever wish you could magically have a maid delivered to your doorstep? Now you can! Indigru was started by four wilmington locals who wanted to create a solution to finding a convenient way for people to schedule home cleanings. The Wilmington area provides so much in entertainment and relaxation people don’t want to worry about cleaning and chores when they could be enjoying the Cape Fear region's beautiful surroundings and offerings. Our home cleaning service lets you do exactly that.

At indigru we want to help you enjoy life more by making your’s easier. Indigru.com and our certified, bonded, and trustworthy cleaners provide the solution to home cleaning in the Wilmington Metropolitan area. Let us take care of your home cleaning needs, so you can relax more and worry less.

Indigru Home Cleaning was founded in Wilmington, NC by two entrepreneur-minded couples Neal & Dee Whittington and Jane & Stephen Dowd. As on-the-go professionals and soon-to-be Mom’s, Jane and Dee were wanting an on demand solution to getting and keeping their homes clean. Collaborating with Neal and Stephen to use their entrepeneurial and computer skills they came up with indigru.com...an on-demand home cleaning solution, that is more than just your old school maid service.